November symposium: tributes and insights

The November 2015 James Jones Literary Society’s Symposium, held at Wilkes University, had many high points. For JJLS members, none could top the heart-felt accolades and gratitude expressed by six former James Jones First Novel Fellows. During a panel discussion, each testified that winning the Fellowship changed their lives in many ways, but what meant the most to them was the affirmation of themselves as writers. The JJLS can take tremendous pride in supporting this powerful legacy to James Jones for the past 25 years.

In addition, Chris Walsh, (right) author of Cowardice: A Brief History (Princeton Guest SpeakerUniversity Press, 2014), gave an insightful keynote address on the subject of his book that included The Thin Red Line as a source.

Other highlights included:

  • A private screening of From Here to Eternity – The Musical.
  • Panel discussion of the James Jones Legacy
  • Author reception and book signings by past James Jones Fellows
  • Banquet with readings by 2014 and 2015 James Jones First Novel Winners
  • Free fiction workshops for the public taught by James Jones First Novel judges.
  • JJLS board meetings.



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